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Surgical Gloves

Every healthcare institution has an infection-control strategy, the biggest part of which are medical protective clothing. This includes surgical gloves which doctors, surgeons and nurses must wear during examination or surgical process.

Surgeon Cap

Medical surgical cap is an essential part of medical protective clothing, as it does not allow spread of infection in surgical wound. Bouffant cap is light in weight and comfortable to wear cap.

Surgical Gown

Surgical gown is one of the element in the medical protective clothing. Healthcare professionals need to wear the gown during the surgical process.

Surgical Face Mask

Similar to other surgical clothing, surgical face mask is essential to prevent the spread of infection. The loose-fitting mask must be disposed of after one time use.

Sterile Suction Tube

Sterile suction tube used in suctioning has great draping quality. This tube is flexible and therefore maintains its shape all the time.

IV Cannula

IV Cannula is used in the medical institutions for administering drugs/ fluids as well as taking blood sample. It is usually placed inside the vein.

IV Catheter

IV catheter is an important tool that is used for delivering IV medications as well as fluids to patients. During the hospital stay, almost every patient undergoes intravenous therapy.

Spinal Needles

Spinal anaesthesia is given using a spinal needle. This needle is used for enabling quick flow of cerebral spinal fluid and injected drugs.

Surgeon Apron

Surgeon apron is mainly designed for surgical rooms. This piece of clothing is loose enough to be easily worn and take off. It provides maximum frontal protection.

Disposable Infusion Set

Disposable infusion set is used for infusing drugs from IV solution bag to IV catheter. This set contains a flexible tube, sharp spike, roller clamp, and self sealing latex bulb.

Disposable Plastic Syringe

Disposable Plastic Syringe is generally made of polypropylene resin in the injection molding process. As the name implies, this is one-time use syringe, which must be disposed of after use.

Urethral Catheter

Urethral Catheter is used in patients who are critically ill or have gone through a surgery. This system helps those patients to drain the bladder.

Scalp Vein Set

Hospitals and clinics require scalp vein set to take blood samples as well as inject infusion solutions in small amounts. It is basically used for patients with contractures and in pediatrics.

Mucus Extractor

Mucus extractor is used for small children who can not blow their nose into a tissue. This device is used for cleaning their nasal passage, so that they can easily breathe.

Hospital Bed Sheets

Hospitals have to maintain a stock of hospital bed sheets, as these sheets on all hospital beds have to be changed on regular basis. The sheets are cotton and polyester blend.

Disposable Shoes Cover

Disposable shoes cover is meant to be worn on shoes in order to protect the cleanroom, lab or surgical room from debris on the shoes.

Urine Bag
Buy from us urine bags in bulk for hospital or nursing home. This bag is used in patients after surgery or those who are not in the condition to stand and use washroom.
ECG Machine
Shankheshwar Medical Agency is a name to trust to source ECG machines for hospital or clinic. The ECG test conducted using this machine is non-invasive, painless, quick and safe.
Hospital Uses Gloves
The provided Hospital Uses Gloves work as a barrier between the viruses and body of the wearer. These gloves are tailored from superlative quality of nitrile, rubber, synthetic, and other materials.

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